Your Health Matters

The Problem

No manufacturing process is perfect all the time.  Mistakes do happen.  And unfortunately, there are also unethical businesses who are more interested in a quick buck than their customers.  While the risks of contamination from food contact surfaces are very low, certain chemicals like lead and cadmium can be a problem – especially for children.

Our Promise

Most companies only test their raw materials, some might test their final product once.  At Koe, we have independent laboratories analyze random samples of final products from every manufacturing run we do.  These labs ensure that FDA safety standards for food contact surfaces are met.  Some might call that paranoid, we call it caring about our customers.


Manufacturing Lots We Test


Rejections to Date

Tests We Perform


FDA CFR 21 177.2600

This is the test all our silicone products fall under.  It is a four part test that measures the total amount of chemicals that leach from a product.


FDA CPG 7117.06

All our ceramic products are subject to this test.  It measures the total amount of cadmium in a ceramic product.


FDA CPG 7117.07

Another test for our ceramic products, it measures if dangerous levels of lead are present.