Frequently Asked Questions

Do your products contain BPA?

No.  Our products that come in contact with food are made from either silicone or ceramic, both of which are naturally BPA free materials.

How do I care for my ceramic knife?

The diamond-like hardness of ceramic gives many benefits, but it also makes blades more vulnerable to broken tips.  As with all ceramic knives, you shouldn’t pry or wiggle while cutting.  Don’t “slap chop” or cut frozen foods.  Avoid deboning, as well as melons and pineapples.  Our knives are dishwasher safe, but to increase longevity we recommend hand washing.  Should you ever need to sharpen them, a professional with a diamond wheel is necessary.

How can your products not melt?

We guarantee our silicone products will not melt while you’re cooking.  We can make this guarantee because we use the highest quality silicone, which has a unique chemistry.  When silicone reaches very high temperatures, more than 800°F, it instantly carbonizes and leaves behind water and silica ash.  You probably know silica as “quartz.”  No melting will ever occur.  You don’t have to worry about reaching 800°F either, that’s WAY higher than you’ll ever get in your home kitchen.

Can I BBQ with your products?

We do NOT recommend exposing any of our products to open flames, and barbecuing with them should be avoided.