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Health & Safety

Taking care of our customers is the cornerstone of our business.  It’s why we select materials that we feel are inherently safer.  It’s also why we pioneered the Koe Promise.  In every product we create, customer safety comes first.


“Top quality & unique benefits” guide our materials selection.  We choose substances that provide higher value for our customers, then work with respected vendors who deliver consistent, premium quality.


We know our products are awesome, but we also want to offer them at reasonable prices.  Investing in technology and modern business & manufacturing techniques allows us to offer premium products at incredible values.

Solving Problems

Whether it’s clean up, clutter, dull knives, or burnt cupcakes…there are annoyances in the kitchen.  We want to solve them.  All our products are designed to make life a little easier.

Our Story

Koe is a US brand that was born because we like to cook, but wish cleanup did itself.  We could chop, dice, and mince all day, but were tired of dull knives.  And we love to bake, but could never remember non-stick spray.  We wanted to unleash our culinary creativity without being distracted by the little annoyances.  So we set out to create products for people who were as passionate about cooking as we were.  Products that would solve problems, that were better, that would let our customers get creative.


"I prefer Koe to my existing kitchen tools"

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