Get Creative.

In Finnish, Koe means “experiment.”  It’s a simple idea, but it defines our philosophy…
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Innovative Materials

Less cleaning, less hassles, more time.  Our unique materials make your life easier…
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Koe is the Finnish word for “experiment.”  Some of the greatest fun in the kitchen comes from trying new things, discovering new recipes, and finding yourself inspired. Creating flavors that dazzle the palate has always been incredibly satisfying…and tasty! Our mission is to help you achieve this – to create products that let you get creative. James McGill


Innovative Materials. Solving Problems.


When it comes to kitchen materials, it doesn’t get much better.  We use the highest quality food grade silicone available, which offers a lot of benefits.  It’s inert, so it won’t react with food or transfer any funny tastes or odors.  It’s stable, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals leaching into your dinner.  No more melting while you cook or rest a utensil against your pan, thanks to its heat resistance.  The best part?  It’s a naturally non-stick material, which means easy-to-clean and NO scrubbing necessary.


We use the finest zirconium oxide particles and a unique cold isostatic pressing process for our blades.  Translation?  Our knives are almost as hard as a diamond and incredibly sharp.  Thanks to our ceramic material, they stay that way too.  With normal use, odds are you’ll never have to sharpen your Koe knives.  Ceramic is sharper than steel and will hold its razor sharp edge much longer.  And thanks to our special manufacturing processes, our blades are denser and more resilient than other ceramic knives.  Our blades are inert, won’t corrode or rust, and are naturally non-stick.

Koe Promise

Taking care of our customers is priority #1, and when it comes to cooking, that means ensuring safety. In addition to strict standards and quality controls, we commit to going above and beyond with our Koe Promise. Most companies test their products once or only test raw materials…that’s not good enough for us. Random products from all of our manufacturing runs are analyzed by independent laboratories to ensure FDA safety standards are met. You’ll never have to worry about dangerous chemicals in our products – that’s our promise to you.

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